Why Are Electric Cars So Good? And Are They Worth Buying?

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Since the beginning, there has always been some negativity around electric cars and their usefull-ness, they raise questions such as:

Will the charge last long enough?
Where will I charge it?
Are they expensive?
What if I’m left stranded with no charge?
Are they worth my money?

B&B have put together a brief summary of why getting an electric car isn’t as bad as you might think (they might even be better).

Pay No BIK Tax

In 2020-2021, you can drive an electric car and pay no Benefit-In-Kind tax for your EV. 

This is thanks to it’s 0 emissions and an attempt to get more people behind the wheel of a more eco-friendly vehicle.

Running Costs

Compared to petrol or diesel, the cost per mile for an electric vehicle could be almost as low as a third of what you’d pay at a regular filling station. Hybrids combine the two and can decrease the cost per mile even further.

Sandra Wappelhorst, from the ICCT, said: “Most trips are within an electric vehicle’s range, and it is the battery electric vehicle that turns out to be the most cost effective over four years.”


The comparisons between a 41kW battery (Renault Zoe) and 45L tank (Renault Clio), showed that although you’d drive nearly 3 times as less miles, you’d save more than 10 times as much.

Previously, cars had a max range limit of around 100 miles but now car manufacturers are pushing the limits with brands such as Tesla producing the Model S that can go 370 miles on a full charge. 


Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, electric vehicles do not have many moving parts. 

In result there is no need for oil changesfan belt replacementsspark plug repairs etc. 

Inside the VW ID Chassis

Charging Up

With charging stations constantly appearing throughout the UK, you can be sure you will always find somewhere to charge your EV, there are now more points to charge your car than there are places to fill up your tank.

The government have also set up a scheme called PICG (Plug-In Car
Grant) where up to £3500 for cars or £8000 for
vans is provided to help customers buying electric vehicles. This was
set up to help promote the sale of electric
vehicles, essentially lowering the overall cost.

They're Better for the Environment

All electric vehicles don’t even have an exhaust so there is absolutely no emissions leaving the car and damaging the environment.