Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mach-E

05/03/2020  at 11:55AM

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to the upcoming petrol and diesel car sales ban, as a result, car manufacturers are competing for the best EV in the market.

After Tesla revealed their newest car (the Model Y) Ford took the challenge and unveiled Musk’s newest rival… The Ford Mach-E.

model y and mach e
model y and mach e

This infographic from EV Bite compares the two cars in relation to real world usage, as well as it’s capabilities and features included.

ford mustang mach-e tesla model-y comparison
ford mach-e tesla model-y charge rate battery size efficiency display dimensions
ford mach-e select premium specs
ford mach-e california rt.1 gt specs

Autolist conducted a public survey to see which car consumers preferred and their reasons for it. 

51% said they preferred the Ford Mach-E, whereas 49% claimed to prefer the Tesla Model Y. The people that chose the Mach-E based the majority of their opinions around trust in the Ford brand compared to Tesla, as well as it’s large network of dealerships and high expectations of reliability.

The people more in favor of the Model Y had similar opinions around trust, they were disliking and distrusting of the Ford brand and the reliability of their cars. Performance was also frequently mentioned as Tesla’s vehicles are known to have quick acceleration times and brilliant handling, as well as this, their Supercharging network was one of the large deciding factors. 

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