Stay Protected with SDR Mobile

SDR Mobile are a team of qualified specialists with over 25 years experience in their industry, they offer a wide variety of services from insurance trackers to anti-theft system installations. SDR are dedicated to 

SDR Mobile are ‘Smartrack’, ‘Thatcham’, ‘Trackstar’ and ‘Phantom’ approved and are qualified to fit Cat 5 (S5) and Cat 6 (S7) tracking devices. Their tracking systems are ideal for all vehicle types, so no matter whether you’re driving a boat, a car or a digger, they will be able to help you take better precautions with your vehicle. 

There are different types of trackers for your vehicle too. Their systems can notify you if your car is stolen even if the keys are used, and there are trackers that acknowledge when the OBD port is being manipulated to try and gain access. Top quality dash cams are also available from SDR Mobile as well as LED light bars, LED grill lights and hide-away strobes.

SDR Mobile also offer their own range of fleet management tracking which is powered by the Smartrack platform. This allows employees to then track their work usage and self usage, the data collected includes a full-route history and the reporting of functions and alerts. 

But they don’t just provide systems to protect and monitor your vehicle, SDR Mobile also offer a fully mobile diagnostics service. They will come out to you on request and deliver expert knowledge on any problems that may be occurring with your vehicle, such as lights on your dashboard you’re not familiar with.

Their mobile diagnostic service is available for car tracking, caravan and motorhome tracking, HGV  tracking, motorbike tracking and work lights, beacons and LED strobe lighting. 

In terms of leasing, some companies may require you to remove the tracker from the vehicle before it’s return. SDR Mobile will de and re install the systems they installed for you, and even transfer it to a different one such as your new leased car!

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