You Should Stop Speeding Now

All new European vehicles produced past 2022 could now have speed limiters to prevent going over the speed limit.

Intelligent Speed Assistance what is it going over the speed limit 2022
(Credit: European Transport Safety Council)

The EU is aiming for all new European vehicles to be equipped with an ‘Intelligent Speed Assistance’ system that uses a combination of GPS information and sign recognition systems to automatically change the speed of your car. It is estimated that across Europe there are 25,000 road fatalities per year, the EU hopes this number will reduce by around 20% with help of intelligent systems such as ISA.

These systems however can be temporarily overidden by pressing a button, or pressing the accelerator hard to the floor. The technology will be active as soon as you start the car by default, but can be disengaged if you’d prefer.

80 mph speed assist dashboard control

It is estimated that human error accounts for almost 95% of all road traffic accidents so the EU has adopted new rules to make 30 advanced systems, including driver distraction warnings and emergency braking systems. According to the Department of Transport, the UK will also adopt these measures regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

Other mandatory systems for cars under the new regulations include:

  • A warning for drivers that appear distracted or drowsy 
  • Cameras/sensors at the rear of the car for reversing 
  • Advanced emergency braking 
  • Lane keep assistance 
  • ‘Black box’ data recorder for incident and usage data reporting 

The EU’s long term goal is to approach 0 fatalities and 0 serious injuries by 2015, this is part of the ‘Vision Zero’ plan, and avoid at least 140,000 serious injuries by 2038.

The advanced safety measures for new vehicles will provide state of the art protection to all road users. Intelligent Speed Assistance and Drowsiness and Distraction Recognition will support drivers in their ongoing tasks; Autonomous Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Keeping will intervene in the most critical situations to avoid a crash; and improved crash tests will ensure that injuries of occupants as well as pedestrians and cyclists are minimised in the remaining collisions.” – Richard Cuerden (TRL Academy Director)

A lot of high end cars sold today include some of these features, but soon it will be a mandatory factory feature to be included with cars low end to high end. These systems will be continuously developed further to provide more safety to drivers, pedestrians and other vehicle users world wide. 

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