Systems to Reduce Hot Car Deaths

Last Wednesday, The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers pledged to install features into new cars and trucks that could help avoid the deaths of young children.  

The organization is made up of manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and others. And after a record 53 children died last year (and 26 so far this year) of heatstroke in the U.S. after being trapped in a hot vehicle, advocates want new legislation surrounding the issue, one resolution brought to attention was the idea of having rear-seat monitors that could detect if there was a child in a dangerous situation. 

Both Hyundai and Honda committed to make technology that would remind the driver to check their back seat before exiting the vehicle, by 2022 they hope to have this feature installed into most of their cars. Nissan also made a pledge to install similar technology such as a back seat reminder to some of their SUV and sedan style vehicles.

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“Children die each year from heatstroke suffered when left unattended in the back seat of passenger vehicles. As most of these deaths are caused by children being unintentionally left in vehicles, our members are taking action to help prevent these tragic losses by adding rear-seat reminder systems to prompt parents and caregivers to check the back seat before exiting their car.”  – John Bozella 

Car-makers were given a minimum standard to the agreement, that is to include visual and auditory alerts that activate after the driver turns off their vehicle. As well as this, safety groups want to make it a minimum that carmakers install systems that detect in-vehicle temperatures with technology that can detect the presence of a child. 

Hyundai’s new Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) system will help to prevent hot car deaths by detecting if a rear door was opened or closed before the car was started, it will then remind the driver with a message in eye-view infront of the driver.

The optional Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert (UROA) has door technology and an ultrasonic-sensor that detects movement on the second row of the car, if a child or pet is detected to be moving inside the vehicle, the horn will honk and an alert will be sent to the driver’s smartphone via Hyundai’s Blue Link connected to the car system. This alert will tell the driver that movement has been detected inside their vehicle 

Rear Occupant Alert System Detects Movement Inside Car
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