B&B Charged Up

Today B&B had it’s very own charging point installed to the building. Provided by our partner Power EV, electric vehicles will now be able to be recharged through the main electric 

The Installation Process

Power EV arrived on Wednesday and decided the best positioning for the vehicle charging point. This was decided based on where the electric vehicle would/could park, and where it could be easily connected to the building’s power supply. 

The charger was mounted to the wall and the power supply was safely connected. The Power Ev expert had to make sure that the RCBO (residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection) was protected against overload and short circuit, as well as earth leakage currents. 

The demonstration on how to use the charger was extremely useful as there are a number of functions that make the EV experience very enjoyable. Then after only a few hours  the setup of the charger was completed by connecting it to the internet.

And that’s it!


Why Does it Need to Connect to Wifi?

By connecting to wifi, software updates can be performed as well as remote diagnostics. The reporting of energy usage and other features is also provided to Power EV as well as B&B, to ensure everything is working as it should.

There is also an app that informs you of these diagnostic that becomes available to use once you have your EV charging point installed. 

Power EV are a Derbyshire based EV charging point provider, they both supply and install charging points for home, workplace and commercial use.

They’re expertly trained with over 50 years experience and only provide the highest quality workmanship.

“We are dedicated to supporting EV drivers across the UK by installing high quality electric vehicle charging solutions.

We have years of experience within the EV industry and pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.”

As well as supplying and installing charging points, Power EV are also dedicated electric vehicle drivers and believe making that change from fossil fuels is the first step towards a sustainable and greener future.

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