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Andy with Joseph Tesla sale

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Joseph Dey with his new Tesla Model 3 

Tesla model 3 electric future advert green plant

“I chose a Tesla because of it’s eco friendliness and sustainability, as well as it’s unique eye catching looks. 

I’d like to thank B&B for settling all fears I had against electric cars as well as finding me the best possible price for the car I wanted.”

Maria and Andy from B & B recently delivered a brand new Tesla to _ at ‘Dey & Co’, a brilliant chartered accountant’s service based in chesterfield with over 50 years experience!

Joseph told us he wanted a reliable car with a sporty but comfortable feel, Andy stepped in and introduced him to the Model 3. Andy found the best possible price for a contract that suited Joseph and it was quickly delivered with a smile. 

Tesla’s have always interested him, especially their eco-friendly side. Teslas leave absolutely no emissions trail behind them and Joseph believes that “buying an electric vehicle (such as his Tesla) is the best thing you can do for the environment as the manufacturers of these machines are leading the movement to a cleaner and more sustainable future”.

Tesla’s model 3 is 93% energy efficient, this means that 93% of all energy being used by the motor is used for powering the car and nothing else. By not wasting as much energy, the cars show Tesla’s true intentions by not wasting much electricity to power the electric motor. This is also a huge reason why electric vehicles are growing in popularity.

The company are set to save thousands, due to paying less class 1a national insurance contributions on this car. Joseph is happy because he will save thousands of pounds in company car tax, over the three years he’ll keep the car.

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