Volkswagen e-Golf


The Volkswagen e-Golf is making it’s first appearance at B & B and is available now!

But what’s so great about it?

Standard Equipment Includes:

16-inch alloy wheels

Dual-zone climate control

Cruise control

Parking sensors

9.2-inch Infotainment with sat-nav

Smartphone mirroring


The Volkswagen eGolf received a facelift recently which saw it’s driving range increase from 124 miles to 186 miles, this was done to help reduce the fear of ‘range anxiety’. 

This is the common fear that electric vehicles could have an insufficient range to reach it’s destination and would therefore leave both the driver and the car stranded. 

“Like any EV there’s a smooth rush of silent and powerful acceleration”

“It shoots to 62mph from a standing start as quickly as most diesel hatchbacks”                                                                                                                   – Whatcar Review

Volkswagen and other EV manufacturing brands are aiming to conquer range anxiety by constantly improving their range, as well as this, more and more charging stations are popping up around the Uk. 

There are now more electric charging points in the Uk than there are filling stations!

volkswagen egolf interior 2019


Regenerative Braking:

Volkswagen understood that sometimes you might not have enough time to wait around and charge your car’s battery, so they designed a method of energy harvesting through the rotation of the wheels when you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal or apply the brakes. The eGolf converts the energy into electricity and begins recharging your car’s batteries for you.

regenerative braking volkswagen egolf battery automative recharging

There are 3 driving modes available:

Normal mode – High performance

Eco mode        – Medium performance and efficiency

Eco+ mode      – Conservative battery use (maximum range)

The more energy regeneration you require, the more your car slows down when you lift your foot from the pedal. 

VW Car-Net®  Security & Service:

What if you walked away from your brand new eGolf and you had forgotten to lock the doors? Or the trunk? Or a door is ajar?

Now with the VW Car-Net mobile app, you will be alerted if you left your vehicle open, and you can remotely lock the doors!

What if you can’t find anywhere to park?

Powered by Parkopedia (if equipped), off street parking information in your area is sent to your car’s in-vehicle navigation system with directions when you click the “Send to my VW” button. 

What if you forgot to close your sunroof overnight and it’s forecasted to rain?

The VW Car-Net mobile app knows if it’s forecasted to rain, or currently raining, and will notify you so you can return to your car and close it. 

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