Universal Golf Day

B & B's Very Own

Second from the left, B & B’s director Steve took part in a charity golf day set up by Universal Office Products, to raise money for Bluebell Wood and St Luke’s Sheffield Hospice. 

A massive £5000 was raised by all people that took part and will be split between the two charities involved. 

bluebell wood sheffield hospice charity building and logo

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Bluebell Wood are an amazing charity that work 24/7 to give the best service they can. They care for young children and young adults with a range of complex medical needs.

Their services range from day care, to short breaks and support in the community. Sibling support is also “at the heart of [their] work”, as well as counselling, hospice at home and support for young adults. 

They’re an outstanding charity with the sole intention of helping those that need it more than others, they’re completely free of charge but 90% of their funding is provided by donations made. 

To make a donation, or read how your donation could help change a life – visit https://www.bluebellwood.org/Pages/Category/stories

St Luke's Sheffield Hospice

The second charity involved was St Luke’s, the Sheffield based hospice provides care for people over the age of 18 who have terminal illnesses to help give them the ‘best possible quality of life’. 

St Lukes’ aims are to help control symptoms, alleviate pain and provide general help and care. They work with numerous other organisations and undertake various events in the city to provide the best service they can, including a long tradition of supporting both education and academic research in all aspects of palliative care. 

To make a donation or play their lottery – go to https://www.stlukeslotterysheffield.org.uk/

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